Angular and Tensorflow Rewrites Retrospective

When AngularJS framework was released, it sky rocketed to being the most popular front-end development framework. But after a few years, React, a competing front-end framework open sourced by Facebook, quickly gained traction and is now the most popular one. A big difference between the 2 is that React took a more loosely coupled approach … Continue reading Angular and Tensorflow Rewrites Retrospective

Building a Scalable React App with Next.js

For those who grew up in the 1990's, modern web development sometimes feels like massive overkill. It's now all about SPAs (single-page applications) with complex javascript frameworks, but let's be honest, does everybody actually need it? From an end-user perspective, for most use cases (corporate front-ends, forums etc), the old paradigm of static pages and … Continue reading Building a Scalable React App with Next.js