Building Business Apps with React-admin

When you think of it, most business apps mostly consist of basic database interactions. You have concepts (invoices, items, appointments etc), and you want to perform the usual CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations. Once you notice this, you start wondering whether there are web development frameworks that could automatically generate, from a database, an … Continue reading Building Business Apps with React-admin

Angular and Tensorflow Rewrites Retrospective

When AngularJS framework was released, it sky rocketed to being the most popular front-end development framework. But after a few years, React, a competing front-end framework open sourced by Facebook, quickly gained traction and is now the most popular one. A big difference between the 2 is that React took a more loosely coupled approach … Continue reading Angular and Tensorflow Rewrites Retrospective

Building a Scalable React App with Next.js

For those who grew up in the 1990's, modern web development sometimes feels like massive overkill. It's now all about SPAs (single-page applications) with complex javascript frameworks, but let's be honest, does everybody actually need it? From an end-user perspective, for most use cases (corporate front-ends, forums etc), the old paradigm of static pages and … Continue reading Building a Scalable React App with Next.js