Using AI (Pytorch) to Optimize #1 EU Airport Post-covid Re-opening

Among all economic sectors impacted by Covid19, air traffic was hit the hardest. Airlines are suffering a lot, and consequently so do airports. Now that most EU countries are reopening their borders, air traffic is slowly going up again. Obviously, current traffic is nowhere near pre-covid levels, and it does not make sense for an … Continue reading Using AI (Pytorch) to Optimize #1 EU Airport Post-covid Re-opening

Angular and Tensorflow Rewrites Retrospective

When AngularJS framework was released, it sky rocketed to being the most popular front-end development framework. But after a few years, React, a competing front-end framework open sourced by Facebook, quickly gained traction and is now the most popular one. A big difference between the 2 is that React took a more loosely coupled approach … Continue reading Angular and Tensorflow Rewrites Retrospective